Our top tips for your network

So far, we've covered lots of considerations when building a territory, but it's always worth taking a step back to see the bigger picture. Here are our top tips for your territory network.

Don't expect total coverage

Certain geographical features and vast rural expanses can make it very difficult to service those areas and get you and your customers together.

Therefore, unless your business is entirely online with no face-to-face interaction, your business is incapable of achieving total coverage through franchising.


Whole markets over target numbers

When planning out a network, you'll often be faced with a dilemma; give a territory much more opportunity that you are targeting, or split a town in two and extend each out to make up the numbers.

Occasionally, it is possible to do the latter and create two genuinely good opportunities. Mostly, however, you're far better accepting that it should be a single and great franchise opportunity.


No two territories can ever be truly equal

If you want to maximise serviceability and profit margins, get the best return on your marketing, and promote harmony between neighbouring franchise owners, it is impossible for all territories to be equal.

Be prepared to set a minimum expectation for each territory regarding commercial opportunity, but understand that while all can be successful, some are simply better than others.



Building a great territory network is hard

Since we entered the franchise market, we've helped over 200 franchise brands build better territory networks. Don't put yourself at a disadvantage to your biggest competitors by trying to get it right yourself.

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